Don’t mess with a feminist who’s been drinking

Life as an Air Force wife entails endless nights of Apples to Apples, drunk husbands and casseroles.  Friends throw dinner parties, borrowing folding chairs and tables, guests bring favorite Dutch beer, Jack Daniels with Coke and a 9 by 13 to make the peach dump cake in.

It’s a flurry of socializing, alcohol and fast friendships.  I’ve known my friend T for only 6 months and now we’re almost soul sisters.  K and I, knowing each other almost a year, are practically relatives.  We spent Thanksgiving together when my husband was out on a rough stint training for 5 weeks during the holidays.  I knew she was pregnant before she told her mother.  We’re bonded for life, we share our struggles, we whine, we drink coffee, and we down cupcakes and quick breads during our four hour affair we call “coffee.”

Oprah did a talk show recently about the silent heroes of America.  These are military families, struggling to hold everything together while husbands or wives in uniform are deployed, on TDY or just doing the j-o-b.  The gist of the show was that regular Americans aren’t aware of the struggles of the American military family.

This blog sets out to illustrate the commonality that military families have with all of you, the rest of America.  We just do what we have to do to get by.


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