From Florida to Germany, all within a year and a half

Let’s talk PCS.

PCS refers to a change in station.  The husband and I are gearing up to PCS (note that this is also a verb, ahh, got to love abbreviations) to Germany.

We met today with a rep. from the Family Readiness Center.  The FRC is a place that looks after the details involving the lifestyle of military members and families.  It is the place I have gone to the most on our base, since you can get employment information, deployment briefings (haven’t had to use this one yet since we’re new to the Air Force life), counseling, education information and anything else you need.  Truly, it’s the best resource on base for a spouse.

Let me sing the praises of the PCS.  Do you think I’m joking?  I’m serious, moving is very exciting.  Sure, it really is unpleasant to say goodbye to friends.  I find that saying goodbye is hard in person without wanting to cry.  Saying goodbye to your job, school or other work/education related thing is hard too.  I was in school until last December and it was sad to have an end to that, especially since I was not able to finish my chosen second Bachelors degree (more on that in another post).

The crux is, though, that being married to someone in the military brings a sense of adventure I’ve never experienced before.  We’re going to embark on a new journey in over a month, and despite all of the sacrifices we’ve both made, it will be the experience of a lifetime.



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