Girl Nights and TDYs

The husband is on an extended TDY, doing some training until the end of March.  At the moment I am doing some soul searching, girl time and chocolate-eating.  Seriously, it is very dangerous to leave Godiva in the house with a woman whose husband is gone.  Dangerous, as in, I get lazy and call Quaker squares and chocolate dinner.

Time is whittling away.  The move to Germany happens in t-minus 5 weeks.  Oh my gosh.  I’m frantically going around collecting the paperwork on the move system, cleaning out closets, donating junk to goodwill, ordering an Amazon Kindle (yay!  happy birthday to me!) and watching Oprah, especially when she does stories on checking in on the severe child abuse cases of the past.

Girl nights are so important when the husbands are gone because you can go batty on your own.  You can also forget that you have buddies and teammates in this military wife thing who can support you.

Keep your eyes out for posts on dinners for one, birthday weekend recap and other fun things like sharing a bathroom with your husband and a dude you have never met.


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